The Wisdom of God and You.

The Wisdom of God and You.

Michael Faraday came from a relatively poor family.

🎯But showing personal initiative, he educated himself by reading. Continuing to advance, he developed numerous breakthroughs, gradually gaining credibility.


🎯His big break came in 1812 when chemist Humphry Davy appointed him as his assistant at London’s Royal Institution.

🎯He was ahead of his time, becoming an outstanding lecturer on scientific issues.


🎯Among other things, he discovered breakthroughs in electricity and magnetism, including the principle behind the electric transformer.

🎯Faraday also was a strong Christian. He once wrote about being freed from fear because God gives us “victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”

🎯He knew his discoveries were possible only because of his faith in God and belief in His Word.


🎯He once said, “The Christian who is taught by God (by His Word and Holy Spirit) finds his guide in the Word of God.”

🎯He believed faith gave him a foundation that led to breakthroughs, and God gave him insights because he trusted in Him and built his life around biblical principles.

🎯God still rewards those who base their lives on biblical principles, have faith in Him, and look to Him for wisdom.

💥He can unlock the secrets to success in science, business, academics, and any other field.


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