The siege against resources.

The siege against resources.

The strategy of the devil to lay siege against our resources is an old one used in wars against walled cities.
💥Rather than expend efforts to break fortified walls, the enemy laid siege to ensure that the inhabitants could not go out of the city.

💥Forced to live on what they have within the walls, the inhabitants soon depleted their food and other resources and were forced to choose between surrendering or starving to death.


🎯When the devil lays siege on our finances, we are eventually forced to resort to unacceptable ways of living like stealing, corruption and rituals.

🎯But the siege could be broken by turning to God for mercy.


💥The Sovereign God, who never lost a battle, shows mercy on those who genuinely approach Him for help by surrendering to Him, rather than the devil.

🎯His help is sought by pleasing Him through the following ways.

🎯By having childlike faith in Him to do that which He has to do.


💥In doing so, we please Him to empower us to move mountains because He is sovereign.

🎯Genuine prosperity is not a function of how much we struggle; it is by His mercy.

💥When we forsake our sins and repent and also show mercy to others, we receive His mercy.

🎯We also please God for His mercy by seeking Him first and making Kingdom assignment our priority. Winning souls.


💥When we do His own work, He does ours; when we focus on His work, He takes care of us.

🎯We please God by obeying His laws, including those on tithing and first fruits

💥When we belong to God, we are the seed of Abraham and therefore entitled to receive Abrahamic blessing, which includes prosperity.

🎯Breaking the siege on our resources starts by surrendering to God and honouring Him.


💥When we honour Him, He honours us.

– From a sermon by Pastor Adeboye on Day 3 of RCCG 2021 Holy Ghost Congress, yesterday.

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