The Monday Devotional: The Wonders of God’s Ways

The Monday Devotional: The Wonders of God’s Ways

God’s ways are mysterious to man because His thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are our ways His ways: “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts, “declares the LORD.
🎯It is amazing how He maneuvers us through what we think are problems to our destiny.

🎯He is a sovereign God, whose perfect will should be our priority.


🎯At the Red Sea, the Israelites God had released from bondage saw the Egyptians in hot pursuit after them because the same God had suggested to Pharaoh to bring them back.

💥Scared, the Israelites later saw to their great relief how Pharaoh and his army drowned in the sea.


🎯King Jehoshaphat loved God and served Him well but his was a relatively small and poor nation.

💥When God decided to enrich him, He made three neighboring nations gang up against him.

💥In fear, he cried out to the Lord, who directed him to let his choir sing His praise on the day of war.


💥The invading armies turned on themselves, leaving behind their expensive jewelry, which took three whole days for the poor nation to harvest.

🎯Moses was born with a death sentence on his head, like all male-born of Israel then, but God maneuvered his circumstances for him to be raised with the best education then in the palace of the Pharaoh who wanted him dead.

💥He was the same man who led the delivery of the Israelites and caused Pharaoh and his army to be drowned.

💥More examples: When David was anointed king by Samuel, he returned to the bush to tend his sheep.


💥But when God decided he needed to groomed in a palace as king in the making, he hit Saul, who had been rejected, with disease only David treat with his music and so he was recommended to Saul.

💥While there, it became necessary for him to be unveiled and again God did it by making him defeat Goliath, who was terrorizing the Israelites.

💥From that day, David’s status as king became obvious to everybody, with women singing his praise.

🎯Sometimes when God wants to unveil a person, He does it during a crisis.


🎯Anytime we find ourselves in a storm we must be sure there is blessing coming, if we endure and not turn away from God.

🎯Lazarus’s case was a tricky one. Jesus delayed his visit when He was told about the illness.

💥By the time He got there, he had been dead four days, but Jesus knew he was in heaven, a better place, enjoying himself.

💥But his people wanted him back, and the dilemma must have been the reason Jesus wept.


💥In the end He raised his friend from the dead.

💥The lesson here is that sometimes when God doesn’t respond to our prayer it is because He knows the best for us; so our prayer should always be that His will be done.

🎯God works in mysterious ways and, indeed, there is nothing He cannot do.

🎯What we see as problems have in-built blessings we cannot appreciate because we don’t see the big picture.

🎯While we pray for rapid solutions to our problems, it is advisable to pray that His perfect will be done.

🎯But if you haven’t surrendered your life to Him, you must be limiting Him in showering His favour on you.

– From a sermon by Pastor Enoch Adeboye at the RCCG Online Sunday Service yesterday.

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