Wonders of divine contact (2)

Wonders of divine contact (2)

A single divine contact is enough to fully activate one’s destiny but it doesn’t stop there for some people.

🎯David’s first divine contact was when he was fetched from the bush, where he was tending sheep, for Prophet Samuel to anoint him king, after God rejected his brothers.


🎯But he only became a king in his household because Saul was still on the throne.

🎯However on his second divine contact, he was anointed the king of the Judah. That was a promotion!


🎯A second divine encounter, after the activation of destiny, usually leads to promotion in life.

🎯Promotion comes from God and He can promote anybody He so desires, even the most unlikely people.

💥The scripture says, “Promotion does not come from the North, South, East, or West—promotion comes from God.”


🎯A third divine encounter leads to perfection. David later became the king of the whole of Israel and he was a man after God’s heart.

🎯On the third encounter with God, during which he only saw the back of God from where he was hiding because nobody sees the face of God and lives, his face became so bright that he had to wear a veil to enable people look at him.

🎯Also, one can be healed from a disease in an encounter with God, but on a higher level, there could be creation of human organs like the case of Naaman, a leper, whose skin became like a new born baby’s.

🎯Perfection is essential in life and therefore very desirable. Psalm 138 says “The LORD will perfect that which concerns me…”


He did it for Moses, Elisha and David, so it is possible to attain perfection from God, but first you have to surrender your life completely to Him.

– From a sermon by Pastor Enoch Adeboye at RCCG Special Online Service, yesterday.

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