When God ties you up Himself.

When God ties you up Himself.

💥This devotional is one of the most popular in our Team and among readers cos it appears to have daily relevance in life

🎯When God ties you up for a purpose, it is only advisable to say, “Yes, my Lord,” because it is time to do His Will.


🎯When God has a plan for your life, it doesn’t matter how much you murmur and complain and kick and fuss and scream and yell.

🎯It changes nothing because He got you tied up or arrested for a purpose!


🎯He is a God who will tie you up when you’re acting crazy,

💥Tie you up while you’re trying to do your own thing,

💥Tie you up while your temper is raging,


💥Tie you up when your ambition is out of control.

🎯Nothing will work, your money won’t work, your career won’t work, ur friends will leave, your properties will go; because when God has you tied up, He will not let you get away.

🎯Most times, He will tie people up till the time is right.

🎯He’ll say, be still and see the salvation of the Lord.


– With TD Jakes

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