We are complete in Jesus.

We are complete in Jesus.

Our Lord is the Head over every principality and power. So we are complete in Him.

🎯He made all things, including the wasters to destroy the enemies of His children.


🎯There is therefore, no reason for His children to be scared.

💥Nobody dies without God’s permission.


🎯He is able to heal any sort of sickness.

💥And saying ‘thank you’ after Jesus has healed you can make you whole.

🎯When you take the bread and the wine during Holy Communion, believe Him.


🎯The Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses of all sins.

🎯And when sin is taken away, your prayers will be answered.

🎯The Blood gives us access to the holiest.

💥The Blood gives you access to the Almighty God, such that there’s nothing you ask that you don’t get.


💥The Blood takes you to that place that is far above principalities and powers.

🎯We are complete in Him and the only person that should be unsure about this is the one who is only pretending to be a Christian

💥Or those who hasn’t surrendered your life to Jesus.

🎯To surrender to Jesus, cry unto Him: “ I want to belong to You, Lord. Save my soul and wash me clean. Please become my Lord and Saviour. From now on, I will serve You.”


– With Pastor Enoch Adeboye @ RCCG July 2022 Holy Communion Service, yesterday.

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