The wonders of divine contact.

The wonders of divine contact.

Our God is Almighty, unlimited in strength and might.

🎯He is the All-sufficient God, unlimited in wealth


🎯An ageless God, He never grows old. Nothing predates Him and nothing will outlast Him – always there.

🎯On the other hand, man, who is ordinary dust, is weak with several limitations.


🎯But when there is an encounter between man and his creator, his life changes dramatically; man remains the same after an encounter with God.

🎯Just one encounter with God produces wonders; and multiple encounters result in unimaginable things.

🎯A single divine encounter is enough to activate and even accelerate one’s destiny.


🎯Every person is born for a purpose and wired by God to achieve it.

🎯God created you for His pleasure, so there is something He designed you to achieve to give Him pleasure.

🎯While you strive to achieve the purpose, God stays in the background to maneuver you through opportunities and even problems towards your destiny.

🎯As an All-knowing God, He sees everything and He has your back through it all.


🎯Joseph’s story is a glaring example. His chain of problems could even have made him doubt the existence of God and his dreams but everybody in his life was there to play a vital role, despite how evil it looked.

💥Some things are not as bad as they first look

🎯They include his brothers who sold him into slavery and Potiphar’s wife who lied against him and got him in prison.

🎯Moses’ encounter with God, 40 years after he disappeared to the backside of a desert as a fugitive, shows how such encounters activate destiny.


🎯The love for his people made him try to achieve his purpose of freeing them from years of bondage in his own way.

💥In the process, he committed murder and fled, forgetting his purpose for over 40 years.

💥But after an encounter with God, which activated his destiny, he went back to Egypt to lead the Israelites to freedom.

🎯Some people ruin their purpose in life and never achieve it.


🎯Gehazi could have been more powerful than Elisha, his master, but out of greed he took Naaman’s gifts Elisha had rejected and lied about it.

💥He became a leper, instead of a powerful prophet

🎯Sometimes, we worry unnecessarily much about situations in our lives.

🎯If we know how many people God has programmed to help us achieve our purpose, we wouldn’t worry when they appear in our lives.

💥We wouldn’t worry when God drops some people from our lives

💥We would also not bother to run fast and far from the purpose He has assigned us because He always has a way to get us to do his will.

🎯At a point, you can’t run anymore so why don’t you surrender your life to Him now to help you achieve your purpose?

– From a sermon by Pastor E.A. Adeboye at yesterday’s RCCG Special Online Service to the over 198 countries and territories, where the church has footprints

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