The Unlimited Power of God.

The Unlimited Power of God.

God has the power to do all things, including things that are considered to be impossible by man.

🎯God is not stingy with His unlimited power.


💥He gave that unlimited power to Jesus, who also passes it to men.

🎯Because of the unlimited power that Jesus posseses, everything about Him produces the Miraculous.
For example, His blood is very powerful, it cleanses from all sins.


🎯Jesus also gave His Apostles power and authority; He empowered all the Apostles before they left.

🎯They received the power after they did the following;

💥They were divinely connected. If you are a follower of Jesus, power will follow you.


💥They were in one accord with one another. There was no racial discrimination, no class distinction. Be in one accord with your neighbours.

💥They obeyed Jesus. Jesus told them to wait at Jerusalem until they get the power, they obeyed and waited and they got the power. The time of waiting on the Lord is not a waste

💥They were all expectant. All of them were at the upper room, they were in one location and only those in the upper room got the power.

🎯You can’t be a child of God without power. God is a giver, He is a generous giver, He will empower you.


🎯You need that power to be able to stand; for all-round well-being; you need that power to do exploits and you need that power to minister at all levels.

– From a sermon by Pastor JT Kalejaiye, Intercontinental Evangelist of RCCG.

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