TD Jakes on stopping worry!

TD Jakes on stopping worry!

Big, small; rich or poor, we all worry from time to time, although some people keep it going endlessly without achieving anything.

🎯Here are some tips on killing worry by a man who was once so poor that they used old newspapers as diapers for his kids. He says:

🎯Don’t waste time allocating blames, or finding whose fault it is because it doesn’t solve the problem.

💥It just wastes time and energy. After the crisis is over, you can review for lessons to be learned

🎯Give your mind a break. Rest gives room for restoration.

💥Worrying is like thinking about something repeatedly, while the devil is stealing your life away

🎯When you need help, don’t be like the married woman who seeks advice from someone who has no marriage experience.

💥You can only talk to those who have experience in the area you are spinning in worry.

🎯Train your mind to skip worrying and focus on the solutions.

💥Throwing pity parties over your challenges doesn’t help. It is wasteful and perpetuates the problem.

🎯When something is out of your control, dump your ego and go for help.

💥When you have to go out in a rain you need an umbrella, so you get one because you can’t stop the rain.

💥When things spin out of your ability to control, stop worrying and go down on your knees before the All-knowing, All-Sufficient God to who nothing is impossible

🎯In fact, with you belief in God, don’t waste time and energy throwing pity-parties or cowering in fear!

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