Reasons to dream again

Reasons to dream again

The Bible describes dream as vision of the night; in it one enjoys the blessing of the future before it arrives.

💥Among other things, it opens the door to divine visitation; for conversation with God; and opens the door to revelation of the future.


🎯Apart from the dreams God gives, you could have personal dreams, which are goals you set for yourself – what you want to be or achieve.

🎯It could be so big that people would say you are day-dreaming, but there are several reasons we must dream.


🎯When our dreams fail, it is important to dream again and not to give up because God is on the throne.

🎯It is possible that many of your dreams have failed in the past, but like the woman with the issue of blood, whose dreams of healing at various places she went failed, there is a dream that doesn’t fail.

💥When she saw Jesus in a thick crowd, her dream was to touch the helm of His garment.


💥She defied the odds to do just that and it worked.

🎯We are in November and you may be worried over your failed dreams for 2020; dream again!

🎯You should dream again even if your earlier dream succeeds; you can dream of moving from the hilltop to the mountaintop.

🎯It doesn’t matter how ridiculous people think your dream is, believe God and believe in it to work.


💥Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof.

🎯If you are a child of God, “you haven’t seen nothing yet” when you think what you have is great.

💥God reserves the best for the last.

🎯There is even a dream, which is so big that it doesn’t fully manifest in your lifetime; but long after you are gone, your children will get it.


💥When Martin Luther King spoke about his big dreams for the blacks in America, he didn’t live to see Obama become a president of the United States. He had the dream!

🎯Don’t limit God! Dream again and again and dream big dreams.

🎯Whatever your dream size, it will manifest when you surrender yourself to God.

🎯He will make it happen in ways you never thought possible!


– From a sermon of Pastor Enoch Adeboye at the RCCG November Holy Ghost Service held yesterday.

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