Is time the problem?

Is time the problem?

What do we do when we still have passion for something but we are running out of time?

🎯What do we do when time is against us, when with the benefit of our experience, maturity and knowledge we feel that if we had some more time we could fix it, but time is against you.


🎯What do we do when we don’t have time to remarry, start all over again, and build a life?

🎯People say, “Oh God, why did you let me learn so much so late?”


🎯But we need to understand that God let us learn what we needed to learn when we needed to learn it.

🎯If God wanted us to mature sooner, we would have matured sooner for His divine purpose in our lives.

🎯Sometimes, God doesn’t want us to be too strong when he blesses us so that we don’t get boastful and steal His glory or praise ourselves.


🎯He steps in when we run out of strength, ideas or willpower; or when we would have matured enough for our assignment.

🎯The first time Moses tried to defend his people on his own in Egypt, he became a murderer on the run.

🎯After 40 years in exile on the backside of the desert, he had matured enough for God to use him.

🎯Time shouldn’t be a problem so long as we stay on the Lords side.


🎯It’s never too late for God to step into our case in His own time.

– With TD Jakes

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