Hope in a Season of Hopelessness

Hope in a Season of Hopelessness

As life gets tougher for many people around the world, it enthrones hopelessness in many hearts.

🎯Few feelings can be as devastating as hopelessness.


🎯Those who are without hope can give up, stop trying, and even become physically ill.

🎯Recent research has revealed that men who say they have lost hope are three times more likely to develop high blood pressure than those with a more positive outlook on life.


🎯This study suggests that hopelessness has a greater negative effect on the heart than depression does.

🎯Study after study confirms the importance of hope. Hope sustains us during times of uncertainty.

🎯Hope gives us the assurance that our problems can be solved, that our needs can be met, and that our dreams can be fulfilled.


🎯The Bible reminds us that God wants us to believe His promises, place our hope in Him, and never give up.

🎯The Bible says that hope is one of the three things (along with love and faith) that will “last forever”

🎯Today, you may be discouraged or disappointed. You may face various challenges and have various types of needs.

🎯No matter what you face, place your hope in God. David learned that the Lord preserves the faithful.


🎯He said we need to “be of good courage,” for God will strengthen our hearts.

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