God is Unlimited in Everything.

God is Unlimited in Everything.

As God clearly showed Elijah on Mt Horeb, he may be limited but He, the God of All Creation, is not.

🎯With the 7,000 other prophets He had, He showed Elijah that He is without limits; a God who is more than enough; Jehovah El Shadai, as the Bible calls Him


🎯God is more than enough and is generously so.

🎯As we get higher in faith, we should stop focusing on our limited resources – time, age, finances, opportunities- and turn our focus onto God.


🎯Our ageless God is not limited by age and strength.
He is the ancient of days; the I am that I am.

🎯Humans are limited by resources but God is not. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

💥And that is why He is able to load us daily with benefits.


🎯God has unlimited power; always strong to deliver.

💥As anointed as Elisha was, his power was limited by death.

💥Even though in death, his bones raised the dead, he no longer existed as a human
being; but God lives as God forever.

🎯While we are limited by knowledge, God is all-knowing and even dispenses wisdom.


💥The Bible advises anyone who wants wisdom to ask Him.

🎯With our limited nature, we are nothing without the unlimited power of God.

💥God asks, “is there anything too hard for me?”

🎯When we link up with God, we are able to do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.


🎯God was telling Elijah that He is the Original Majesty, higher than the highest

🎯There is so much to benefit from the unlimited power of God by dwelling in Him.

🎯Without Him, experience in the valley of the shadow of death, which we will face from time to time, is regrettable.

– From a sermon by Pastor EA Adeboye at RCCG Online Sunday Service, yesterday.

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